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Bluebells at Sissinghurst

18 Jul 2013 Leave a comment

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IMG_8376 by davidmeggers
IMG_8376, a photo by davidmeggers on Flickr.

I am not for one minute going to suggest that I am getting back into love with Flickr, but lets just see what happens this time.
Took this closeup in Scotney Castle, a National Trust garden in Kent.

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shot_1305983133816.jpg by davidmeggers
shot_1305983133816.jpg, a photo by davidmeggers on Flickr.

Knole, Sevenoaks, Kent. Using RetroCamera app

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Eros by davidmeggers
Eros, a photo by davidmeggers on Flickr.

For the purposes of further enjoying my phone I have downloaded the app “RetroCamera” which is really rather good. Will be uploading my photos to Flickr again (since I have now mellowed in my attitude towards the site)

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Pink shirts + test

28 Mar 2011 Leave a comment


New mobile device, new everything. Pink seems to be the colour of the season.


7 Dec 2010 Leave a comment

For reasons that are not quite clear to me now I have decided to resurrect this blog, no idea why or what I will be doing with it, but it seems like a good idea.

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Bored in Ikea

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