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Crop Glyphs 2009

9 Jun 2009 Leave a comment

Crop season is hotting up and looking good; this article also contains a link to The Telegraph (UK)

Crop Glyph

Crop Glyph

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Mecca Time

22 Apr 2008 Leave a comment

I am intrigued by a story in the BBC today that is suggesting that GMT should be dropped and Mecca Time used to replace it as the de-facto, central time that all clocks are co-ordinated from. The argument seems to be two fold: Firstly, GMT is a British Imperial imposition; secondly Scientists are arguing that Mecca is the center of the Earth thus should be the central time zone.

I am not going to explore the arguments on this (However, I totally disagree that the British “imposed” it because they were a big colonial power, they just had a concept of co-ordinated time that could be used regardless of where you were in the world thus helping with marine navigation, successfully argued to being adopted universally; plus GMT, especially in Scientific terms, has been replaced by UTC and is an astronomical concept of measuring time), but what I find interesting is that this is an example of Science backing a Theological argument. Normally you would find the two areas diametrically opposed to each other. I am sure that there are plenty of other examples. Very intriguing.

What would be even more interesting is if this was adopted by all Islamic states. Effectively you would have two time systems UTC and Mecca Time (but then why not others). How would this affect the world? I can’t see there being much of a problem; you could get into the argument of time being an abstract concept, but it could work. People have bad enough problem telling what time it is in other countries, using several methods of telling the time, as long as they are universally understood, can be done especially given technological help; Since the constants are known there would be no problems. Again, an interesting idea. Next I would like to see calendar months re-organised to by more equal in length, or at least February getting a few more days to round it up; who cares about leap years.

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Aliens can cure

15 Feb 2008 Leave a comment

This time Aliens are being attributed to the miraculous healing qualities of mud ponds near a small town, somewhere in Peru (in the middle of nowhere).

“Locals say that space ships come to harvest an unknown material from the [ocean] area off Chilca’s beach. The UFO’s supposedly leave behind substances that leach into the ponds and give them curative powers.”

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Attack of the giant spider

12 Dec 2007 Leave a comment

This is doing the rounds today. Looks like NASA and Florida is being plagued by giant spiders that have a passion for liquid oxygen centered space craft. At least this is what the video evidence suggests. (Click to see the full coverage)


…or Youtube it…

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Strange Events

11 Dec 2007 Leave a comment

There must be something in the water, today seems to be strange events posting day. From a Fortean point of view these are fascinating stories:

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Maps that confound

7 Dec 2007 1 comment

waldseemuller.pngOne of the stories this week that certainly ranks high in the subject of world mysteries (or at least unanswered questions) must be the Waldseemuller map, not least the naming of America and why, plus the accurate mapping of a continent that had just been “discovered” by Europeans.

Created in 1507, it names America, maps accurately South America and also shows the Pacific. Its gone on display in the US.

There are many other maps that confound reason, which I guess only confounds if you accept traditional versions of history. Notably the Piri Reis map and the globes created by Johannes Schoner challenge conventional history which teaches us a version of history that seems to match the generally accept version of events, it doesn’t allow for alternatives that provide far too many questions that can’t be answered. An interesting read:

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Demonic TV

23 Nov 2007 Leave a comment

Nothing more to be said, TV is nothing more than demonic – see the movie Poltergeist.

I am new to youtube playlists (and running water, electricity, etc). So it is with much joy that found a youtube playlist dedicated to forteana, I am sure there are more

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