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Helping your pet reach new heights

19 Oct 2008 Leave a comment

Help your pet, or small household inhabitents destroy the sofa they haven’t been able to jump up to because they are overfed and under walked. Wow!

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Men behaving in the UK…lap dance clubs

14 Oct 2008 Leave a comment

The UK is going through a bit of a tough time in recent years with it’s image going through the mud and back again. However, if you want to find well behaved people then why not visit a lap dance club.

Police find it difficult to close down lap dancing clubs because their customers are usually well-behaved, a vice squad chief has told MPs.

Chief Inspector Adrian Studd, of the Metropolitan Police, said local residents often wanted officers to take action on “moral” grounds. But the police were restricted to “crime and disorder” laws. He told the Commons culture committee such clubs were usually “well-run” and had a “high staff ratio to customers”.

Good old blighty, it is okay to keep pubs open even if the street fill up with people beating the crap out of each other having a tussle at closing time, or seem to not do very much with teenage knife crimes, but fill a place with well behaved blokes who like to watch semi-clad women doing all they can to remove as much money from their wallets and we start talking about morals. Funny old world innit.

I particularly like the photo used in the news story – the BBC really must have had to trawl the internet for a  “stereotype” pole dancer, pity it looks like from an 90’s horror movie.

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The traffic goons of Olde England

2 Apr 2008 Leave a comment

What other (clean and PC) phrase can one use to describe the traffic wardens of the UK. When you have stories like this to consider as evidence then the heart and compassion of Britain has truly gone* considering the following is one example of many…

Think that being badly injured is an excuse to park illegally? Think again. When Nadhim Zahawi of South London was thrown from his scooter and left lying in the road with a broken leg, a heartless warden from Lambeth Council slapped a £100 ticket on his bike.

(*I accept that it is an assumption that there ever was any)

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Officer, arrest that man! He’s got a camera

14 Mar 2008 Leave a comment

anti_terrorism_poster_police.jpg“He’s taking a photo of Big Ben, he must be a terrorist”. Yes, the London City Police have started to place suspicion on all those people taking photos in London. Essentially it implies that every tourist that visits the UK’s capital is suspicious and probably up to no good. Not content with suspecting everyone already in the UK of doing something so evil, so wicked that they need to be watched, be monitored and (in time) issued ID cards so that they can be really watched, they are extending the scheme of suspecting everyone to visitors from overseas.

Total and utter lunacy! Dystopia has found a fabulous way of getting people to stay away from their capital city; go to Paris, at least the French want you to take photos of their great city and its only a few hours away by train.

Hasn’t anyone read 1984

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Car manufacturers

24 Jan 2008 Leave a comment

You’d think that a motor journal would know the nationality of a car manfacturer. Not “” that has moved Seat across the border to France.


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Attack of the giant spider

12 Dec 2007 Leave a comment

This is doing the rounds today. Looks like NASA and Florida is being plagued by giant spiders that have a passion for liquid oxygen centered space craft. At least this is what the video evidence suggests. (Click to see the full coverage)


…or Youtube it…

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Google News

25 Oct 2007 Leave a comment

Much like I am finding that Amazon is coming up with some interesting combinations, Google News today managed to mash together an unfortunate picture and headline combination…


(For those not in the know, the photo is of Lewis Hamilton, and the photo is totally unrelated to the headlines. Isn’t automation a “wonderful” thing)

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