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Trump Tower

25 Sep 2008 Leave a comment

Trump Tower

The Chicago Tribune has posted a fabulous roof-top view from the almost completed Trump Tower. I really like the look of this building, modern without being grotesque.


Dubai and the towers

25 Jun 2008 1 comment

Why does Dubai seem to get all the interesting buidlings, or more to the point why is it that only Dubai seems to actually build these interesting additions to its skyline. This is how it should be, a skyline that looks interesting and changes

The Dynamic Tower will constantly change shape and rotates using wind power. It will give the occupants whatever view they like whenever they like.

It also looks like there are plans for a tower is Moscow – this puts my previous statement into slightly invalid territory, but I would maintain the fact that Dubai is buidling these things whilst the rest of the world simply plans.

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Eiffel redeux

21 Mar 2008 Leave a comment

Adding a thrill aspect to the tower, or a spider’s web


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lilyfield house

6 Mar 2008 Leave a comment

lilyfield house

Originally uploaded by saar40

Yes, there was a point in posting this. I like the lines and the design is somewhat of a merge between modern and “traditional” design. I just like the lines.

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Crystal Island

2 Jan 2008 Leave a comment

If they build it, it stays up, and they fill it then I might, finally, be tempted to visit Moscow.


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Other peoples’ houses

12 Dec 2007 Leave a comment

conv01.pngFor at least the last few years, maybe longer, The Daily Telegraph has been part of a competition for find the best home building and renovations done in the UK. I’d like to think of it as the complete antithesis of the tat and eye corroding designs that the general “house builders” of the UK seem to get away with (and charge huge buckets of cash for).

Most important of all it does show that with a little imagination, and not so many buckets of cash, that new, or renovated, but certainly exciting houses can be built in the UK. These example are nothing short of inspirational, fabulous!

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Beijing International Airport

4 Oct 2007 Leave a comment

When you have lots of cash to spend, and lots of people to do the construction, then why not build a new airport. It would be unfair to compare the idea with other international airports (ok, lets try London), but this design is very cool. My only observations are that the airport needs Maglev (like Shanghai but better planned out to actually go somewhere useful), and there is no way there will ever be enough darkness for the place to look like this. Very interesting designs though


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