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4 Aug 2008 Leave a comment
Veyron Grand Sport

Veyron Grand Sport

From a design perspective this is elegance in the extreme. It flies in the face of the trend towards hybrid, non-gas-guzzling with a middle finger raised ever so high. In all probability, anyone buying one of these will probably do so to stick in the lounge and just admire it for it is a work of art; that said, anyone who buys one of these to have as a work of art is probably being more ‘eco minded’ because it will mean it never hits the road at full speed. Fabulous design.

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Dog on a roof

23 Apr 2008 Leave a comment

– Balloon Dog – Jeff Koons

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Object Charts

25 Jan 2008 1 comment

I am new to this site, but I already like it. Fabulous


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Human Calendar

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An interesting project.

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30 Nov 2007 3 comments


Pablo Picasso did it, there is a group on flickr dedicated to it, and now WiReD is running an article all about a group dedicated to it.

Fabulous concept and given the results what they are managing to produce is somewhat original as a contemporary version.

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Massive Melons and Tiny Ass

11 Oct 2007 1 comment

I am very sure that some of these cartoons will offend someone, but whatever, this one made me laugh…

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16th C Sputnik

3 Aug 2007 Leave a comment

Time to save a unique painting at the San Pietro Montalcino Tuscany.

SputnikStructured vertically, the Holy Eucharist is placed in the geometric centre surrounded by four great doctors of the Church. On the right, Saint Ambrose, Bishop of Milan, and Saint Augustus, theologian and Bishop of Ippona. On the left, Saint Girolamo, dressed in red with the lion at his side, and Saint Gregory Magno shown with the symbol of the Holy Spirit, the dove, whispering in his ear, signifying divine inspiration as he writes.

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