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Off the Rails 3

2 Mar 2007 Leave a comment

jr.pngMy guess is they missed the end of the station. “Ooo look, there’s a truck…”


[via LeFigaro]

**Update. I found a related news story in the Japan Times. This type of thing is highly unusual in Japan, so this must have made headline news all day.

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Off the tracks 2

1 Mar 2007 Leave a comment

There is a bit of a theme here…

Four people have been killed and 30 injured after extremely strong gusts of wind toppled 11 carriages of a train in north-west China, official media said.

[BBC News]

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Off the tracks

27 Feb 2007 Leave a comment

_bttogsak_jpg_518160h.jpgAn express train from Bergen to Oslo derailed on Wednesday, and then another special maintenance train sent in to clear the wreckage got stuck in snowdrifts as well.


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