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iPad 2 in London

28 Mar 2011 Leave a comment


I’ve had my iPad for eight months so pretty much convinced this is already a brilliant device. However, now getting hold of the new version you feel how much of a refined version this is. You want to pick it up and use it, plus it is a whole lot lighter than iPad 1. Will not be upgrading but still really like the new one. So it would seem do all the people in Apple’s Recent Street store, the rest of the store seems empty compared to the buzz round the three benches reserved for iPad2. What amazes me is that when people use these devices they login using their real accounts and never log out again. Erm. Okay.

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Hits – Ssshhh

1 Jul 2009 Leave a comment

Quirky video, addictive track…

01-07-2009 18-08-33

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Helping your pet reach new heights

19 Oct 2008 Leave a comment

Help your pet, or small household inhabitents destroy the sofa they haven’t been able to jump up to because they are overfed and under walked. Wow!

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MarbleMash (iPhone)

16 Oct 2008 Leave a comment

Continuing with my latest crazed liking for mobile blogging, I am going to mention the free game on the Apple app store called MarbleMash. The style of game is accelerometer based trying to move a marble across a maze by moving the device accordingly. For free (advert supported) it is worth having on your device’s game page, although the movement isn’t as smooth as other, similar style games. It certainly amuses during the commute.

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Time Lapse

18 Sep 2008 Leave a comment

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Where I’ve been

25 Aug 2008 Leave a comment

Yes, I am a Facebook user. One of the applications I use is “Where I’ve been”; for who do not know, it maps where in the world you have been to, either visiting or living. One of those places I have been to is Austria where they sell T-shirts stating “There are no kangaroos in Austria” together with an Aussie road sign showing a kangaroo. It is with this in mind that I am amused to see the “Where I’ve been” application showing that in fact Austria does indeed have the Australian flag, whilst Australia has another flag that I can’t identify. At least they got Belgium right.

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Attack of the giant spider

12 Dec 2007 Leave a comment

This is doing the rounds today. Looks like NASA and Florida is being plagued by giant spiders that have a passion for liquid oxygen centered space craft. At least this is what the video evidence suggests. (Click to see the full coverage)


…or Youtube it…

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