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Men behaving in the UK…lap dance clubs

14 Oct 2008 Leave a comment

The UK is going through a bit of a tough time in recent years with it’s image going through the mud and back again. However, if you want to find well behaved people then why not visit a lap dance club.

Police find it difficult to close down lap dancing clubs because their customers are usually well-behaved, a vice squad chief has told MPs.

Chief Inspector Adrian Studd, of the Metropolitan Police, said local residents often wanted officers to take action on “moral” grounds. But the police were restricted to “crime and disorder” laws. He told the Commons culture committee such clubs were usually “well-run” and had a “high staff ratio to customers”.

Good old blighty, it is okay to keep pubs open even if the street fill up with people beating the crap out of each other having a tussle at closing time, or seem to not do very much with teenage knife crimes, but fill a place with well behaved blokes who like to watch semi-clad women doing all they can to remove as much money from their wallets and we start talking about morals. Funny old world innit.

I particularly like the photo used in the news story – the BBC really must have had to trawl the internet for a  “stereotype” pole dancer, pity it looks like from an 90’s horror movie.

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The end of an era

30 Sep 2008 Leave a comment

Speigel Online is running a fabulous editorial entitled the “The End of Arrogance”; it is all about the USA and the way it is totally falling from being the World’s superpower, then end of it’s “empire”.

Now, in the wake of the crash on Wall Street, the debate in the UN reveals that the long-humiliated have lost their fear of the giant in world politics. Even a political dwarf like Bolivian President Evo Morales is now talking big. “There is an uprising against an economic model, a capitalistic system that is the worst enemy of humanity,” Morales told the UN General Assembly.

The financial crisis has uncovered the world power’s true weakness. The more the highly indebted United States has to spend to stabilize its own economic system, the more trouble it has performing its self-imposed duties as the world’s policeman.

The new US president will only have been in office for a short time when a document titled “Global Trends 2025” appears on his desk. The report is being prepared by analysts at the National Intelligence Council. Its chairman, Thomas Fingar, has already released a preview, and reading it will not exactly be enjoyable for proud American. “Although the United States will remain the most important power, American dominance will be sharply reduced,” says Fingar.

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Financial Crisis: Solution?

29 Sep 2008 Leave a comment

My ‘Big Idea’ is instead of bailing out the idiot banks, give half the money to each household in the US (call it election bribery) so that they can reduce their own debts and ‘kick-start’ parts of the economy again; the fact that this money eventually goes back the banks again as they generate actual money the proper way means everyone is a winner.

A more practical, longer term solution has been presented on the BBC by Ann Pettifor, author of ‘The coming first world debt crisis’ and executive director of Advocacy International…

[W]hat is required is an overhaul of the whole economic system; a system-wide fix.

That means, first, dumping the orthodox free-market zealots responsible for the policies that got us into this mess. Frederick Hayek’s and Milton Friedman’s de-regulation policies have already been dis-credited, with Republicans obliged to disown Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan’s contempt for government.

Second, it will be vital to restore to the Federal Reserve and other central banks the power to set the rate of interest – across the whole spectrum of lending, so that all rates can be lowered on the massive debts incurred across the board in countries that followed the Anglo-American economic model.

Third, we must abandon the policy of holding down wages and other forms of compensation, especially if we want people to repay debts, and help salvage the banks. Jobs will have to be protected, or even created by government, and incomes must rise.

Fourth, we have to simply write off the debts of those poor people who cannot ever repay. Just as we write off the debts of companies or governments that can no longer pay, so we must recognise that many citizens are effectively insolvent. The refusal to acknowledge this truth lies at the heart of Mr Paulson’s plan – and that is why his plan will fail.

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Home Hydrogen Fueling Station

11 Jul 2008 Leave a comment

A company in the UK has developed a hydrogen home refueling station that is capable of refueling cars from…erm…home. The unit they have developed is capable of producing enough fuel that will last the average car 40 km or 25 miles. Might not sound like much, but considering this is the first unit developed that is small (and presumably safe) enough to be used at home it is a step in the right direction.

Now this is an innovation I would really like to see work; granted the 40km is not a lot, but increasing this capacity would give you enough to maybe make the commute or short journeys and also reduce the dependency on oil and oil companies. However, I wonder how long it will be before the large oil companies will ‘disappear’ the company that developed it.

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…and they did

9 Jul 2008 Leave a comment

Eurocrats in Brussels approved the law that essentially, depending on the way you interpret it, forces ISPs to enforce copyright laws…

The disputed text, which some are claiming is deliberately concealed within impenetrable legalese, states that national regulators – such as the UK’s Ofcom – must promote “cooperation” between access providers and those “interested in the protection and promotion of lawful content”.

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Escaping Burma

14 May 2008 Leave a comment

Just when I was getting the feeling that journalists were getting “soft” and not concentrating on reporting real stories I found this on the BBC. A story like this is truly a story, which I why I also listen to the From Our Own Correspondent on BBC World. This is what journalism is all about and I hope that the BBC will continue to pursue the truth…

My photo had apparently been circulated to every military checkpoint. My name was being scoured for among all the records of foreigners travelling around the country. My crime, as they saw it, was to report on the cyclone that devastated the Irrawaddy Delta claiming thousands of lives.

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When windmills go bad

26 Feb 2008 1 comment

If Nuclear power plants go wrong then we’d really know/not know (depending on proximity) about it. So wind turbines are safe even when they go wrong, and assuming you are in the right place, you get good video too…


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