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Folding Plug (UK)

23 Jun 2009 Leave a comment

Much like everyone else who has picked this up today, I must add my voice to the chorus that is hoping this concept makes it into production; this has to be one of the neatest, even simplest solution for making plugs compact and similar designs could be applied to the world’s plugs – if it can be done with the world’s “biggest standard plug” then it could also be applied to others. The multi-plug concept is even sweeter

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4 Aug 2008 Leave a comment
Veyron Grand Sport

Veyron Grand Sport

From a design perspective this is elegance in the extreme. It flies in the face of the trend towards hybrid, non-gas-guzzling with a middle finger raised ever so high. In all probability, anyone buying one of these will probably do so to stick in the lounge and just admire it for it is a work of art; that said, anyone who buys one of these to have as a work of art is probably being more ‘eco minded’ because it will mean it never hits the road at full speed. Fabulous design.

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Eiffel redeux

21 Mar 2008 Leave a comment

Adding a thrill aspect to the tower, or a spider’s web


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Object Charts

25 Jan 2008 1 comment

I am new to this site, but I already like it. Fabulous


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Crystal Island

2 Jan 2008 Leave a comment

If they build it, it stays up, and they fill it then I might, finally, be tempted to visit Moscow.


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Other peoples’ houses

12 Dec 2007 Leave a comment

conv01.pngFor at least the last few years, maybe longer, The Daily Telegraph has been part of a competition for find the best home building and renovations done in the UK. I’d like to think of it as the complete antithesis of the tat and eye corroding designs that the general “house builders” of the UK seem to get away with (and charge huge buckets of cash for).

Most important of all it does show that with a little imagination, and not so many buckets of cash, that new, or renovated, but certainly exciting houses can be built in the UK. These example are nothing short of inspirational, fabulous!

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Down the pan

8 Jun 2007 Leave a comment
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