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RSPB Reserve Dungeness

1 May 2011 Leave a comment

RSPB Reserve Dungeness

I am somewhat of a lapsed ornithologist, but today marked the day I got back to doing something I have not been doing doing for some time. The reserve is about 20 minutes from where I live, the RSPB reserve at Dungeness in Kent. Managed to snap a few photos too; although my only issue is the fact that the 300mm lens is simply inadequate for 1. small birds and 2. birds that are far away. I think to only way to do these birds any justice when it comes to photographs would be a 100-400mm lens with 2x extender.

Bird List

Somewhere on the reserve is the elusive Purple Heron. Needless to say it remained elusive . Bird list from today: Tufted Duck; Pochard; Goosander; Common Tern; Mute Swan; Greylag Goose; Canada Goose (with young); Ringed Plover; Shelduck; Linnet; Whitethroat; Reed Bunting; Willow Warbler; Coot (pretty much everywhere you look); Nesting Cormorants

Of these the highlight has to be the Reed Bunting, Pochard, Ringed Plover, Whitethroat and Linnet since these were the first time I can recall making positive identifications on these.

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Just wrong…

16 Jun 2009 Leave a comment

Something about this made me cringe; maybe it is the fact that I would really like a DSLR right now, and am patiently waiting for the replacement for the Canon 50D. (I also had a wince when they stuffed the cam-corder in too)…

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To the point

25 Sep 2008 Leave a comment

To the point

Originally uploaded by davidmeggers

This sign can only be filed under ‘Lost in translation’; it means something completely different to me, and could even be taken two other different ways. Ho hum.

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Time Lapse

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Interesting Photo galleries

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  • Papua New Guinea

  • Prague scapes

  • Images of Prague
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Via various websites I have come across an amazing set of photographs from John Bradley documenting a burning gas crater in Turkmenistan. A drilling operation went wrong, a crater was created and the gas underneath caught fire. The result is a fabulous set of photographs.


I particularly like the photos showing the absolute desolation of the area and a sad looking camel. I would strongly recommend a wander through the rest of the photos on display, quite and adventure by the looks of things.

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Officer, arrest that man! He’s got a camera

14 Mar 2008 Leave a comment

anti_terrorism_poster_police.jpg“He’s taking a photo of Big Ben, he must be a terrorist”. Yes, the London City Police have started to place suspicion on all those people taking photos in London. Essentially it implies that every tourist that visits the UK’s capital is suspicious and probably up to no good. Not content with suspecting everyone already in the UK of doing something so evil, so wicked that they need to be watched, be monitored and (in time) issued ID cards so that they can be really watched, they are extending the scheme of suspecting everyone to visitors from overseas.

Total and utter lunacy! Dystopia has found a fabulous way of getting people to stay away from their capital city; go to Paris, at least the French want you to take photos of their great city and its only a few hours away by train.

Hasn’t anyone read 1984

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