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Men behaving in the UK…lap dance clubs

The UK is going through a bit of a tough time in recent years with it’s image going through the mud and back again. However, if you want to find well behaved people then why not visit a lap dance club.

Police find it difficult to close down lap dancing clubs because their customers are usually well-behaved, a vice squad chief has told MPs.

Chief Inspector Adrian Studd, of the Metropolitan Police, said local residents often wanted officers to take action on “moral” grounds. But the police were restricted to “crime and disorder” laws. He told the Commons culture committee such clubs were usually “well-run” and had a “high staff ratio to customers”.

Good old blighty, it is okay to keep pubs open even if the street fill up with people beating the crap out of each other having a tussle at closing time, or seem to not do very much with teenage knife crimes, but fill a place with well behaved blokes who like to watch semi-clad women doing all they can to remove as much money from their wallets and we start talking about morals. Funny old world innit.

I particularly like the photo used in the news story – the BBC really must have had to trawl the internet for a  “stereotype” pole dancer, pity it looks like from an 90’s horror movie.

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