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Cowboy Coffee and Bagel Cutters

I never knew there was such a thing as ‘Cowboy’ blend coffee; it doesn’t smell of horses and certainly not cowboys (unless they have taken to wearing coffee essence after shave). But there it is sitting on top of the coffee machine “Cowboy/Bold Blend”. I guess at this point I need to at least point out that the coffee machines we use at work are of the cartridge system, not Nespresso I hasten to add, very much an inferior version.

Fridays are also Bagel day. Every Friday there are several boxes of bagels put in the kitchen area together with a variety of spreads. The toasting machine is fired up and queues form to get a bagel a toast it. Not being a fan of bagels (they, for some reason, don’t agree with me) I have never been a bagel groupie, but today I did notice a device that looks to have been specially created just for cutting bagels, perfectly, in half. I guess bagel Fridays are the comparatively healthier version of donut Fridays – although this is an entirely objective argument given that donuts tend not to give me stomach issues.

If travel is all about understanding culture and society the world over, and at the same time opening the mind (at least one hopes it does) then today I am all the richer from finding out that there is such a thing as cowboy blend coffee and perfect-cut bagel choppers.

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