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Solar Powered rocket fuel

Yes, you can imagine it now, the next NASA rocket covered in solar panels and the crew peddling like mad to add an extra boost during take off. Sounds mad? Yes, it is. However, scientists have discovered a way of creating ‘rocket fuel’ from solar powered energy; the ‘rocket fuel’ is essentially a splitting of Oxygen and Hydrogen elements from water thus allowing the ‘storing’ of solar power. This obviously means that you would use the hydrogen and/or oxygen in a machine powered by these elements, but the main breakthrough is simply the fact that these boffins have found a way of doing this on the cheap. The practical benefits sould be that you plaster your house with solar panel, run your water through the converter and store the hydrogen in tanks to be used later by hydrogen fuel cells.

Being able to use solar panels to build up a store of chemical energy that is easily transported would revolutionise the way solar energy can be used. It not only means that it could power a building at night, it also means it could be carried around to power electric vehicles running on hydrogen fuel cells.

Who knows, with all these advances in solar power we might get rid of our addiction to fossil fuels.

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