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Euro-idiots about to vote on removal of internet connections

As Boing Boing puts it…

[Accessing the Internet] would last only so long as they avoided three unsubstantiated accusations of downloading music or video or software without permission.

This implies that ISPs do not have to prove you are illegally downloading and will cut off your access if they suspect you are an illegal downloader, whether you are or not.

What is worse is that the idiots sitting in Brussels are voting on this on Monday in a Telecoms package which has had this internet removal clause added by stealth. Is there any wonder why those people who get to vote on any EU constitution (or whatever they dress it up as) are voting it down; is there any wonder why citizens of the EU are so fed up and disollusioned by the whole beurocratic non-sense when ‘secret’ clauses are inserted into laws that are only present because of lobbying by corporate interest groups.

Whilst I agree that copyrights should be protected, I do not agree that there is guilt without evidence which is essentially what this clause amounts to. What is more, this is yet another nail in the coffin of what the internet once was.

I forgot to add, lobby your MEP to ensure this doesn’t happen (if they can be bothered to turn up and vote); hmmm, does my faith in the democratic process seem somewhat dented.

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  1. 5 Jul 2008 at 17:30

    Well, you know, you can actually lobby your MEPs to vote against it rather than give up and assume the worst is going to happen…

  2. Richard
    8 Jul 2008 at 22:17
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