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In praise of the A340

I am currently (not) enjoying the chilly winds and freezing temperatures that Chicago is throwing up. Fabulous, it is meant to be “spring” but it feels like a winter’s day in Prague. What brought me here? An Airbus A340-600! Operated by Lufthansa, these are bog aircraft with almost as many seats as a 747. Why am I bothering to write about such things? Simple, it was THE best flight I have ever taken.

Firstly the aircraft itself. Economy seating is comparatively spacious. For my height the seat in front of me is usually there to remove the kneecaps. Not this time. This is also the first Lufthansa flight I have taken that uses the new generation of in flight entertainment, a touch screen panel in front of you provides on-demand entertainment. Need to go for a walk but don’t want to miss the movie, no problem, just pause it. Talking of going for a walk, the lavatories are downstairs, literally. This is novel for those people who have never flown upstairs on a 747. The service itself has changed dramatically since I last flew Lufthansa. Food was excellent, and they even wished me a happy birthday (for which I got a glass of Champagne and a cake).

So this post is to eulogise the A340-600; it is spacious; it is economy class friendly; it is fabulous. Lets just hope it is the same going home 🙂

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