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Officer, arrest that man! He’s got a camera

anti_terrorism_poster_police.jpg“He’s taking a photo of Big Ben, he must be a terrorist”. Yes, the London City Police have started to place suspicion on all those people taking photos in London. Essentially it implies that every tourist that visits the UK’s capital is suspicious and probably up to no good. Not content with suspecting everyone already in the UK of doing something so evil, so wicked that they need to be watched, be monitored and (in time) issued ID cards so that they can be really watched, they are extending the scheme of suspecting everyone to visitors from overseas.

Total and utter lunacy! Dystopia has found a fabulous way of getting people to stay away from their capital city; go to Paris, at least the French want you to take photos of their great city and its only a few hours away by train.

Hasn’t anyone read 1984

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