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The power of Grass

Wired featured an article about this last year, essentially a fast growing grass can be used to make bio-fuels with two benefits: the CO2 produced during production and consumption in 94% less than equivalent volumes for conventional fuel; 540% more energy is produced from the resulting fuel than is needed to create it. 0.4 hectares of land growing the grass can produce 320 barrels.

This information comes from a study produced by the University of Nebraska, it also mentions that growing this bio-fuel could be done together with conventional crop growing so will not compete with food crops. It is interesting that such a “simple” additional to arable land to have such a profound affect on removing the dependency on fossil fuels and the import of such fuels. We’ll see what happens, but the results looks interesting, or at least the figures look interesting and the results could head in the right direction. More green fields 🙂

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