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No oil please, we’re Danish

I’m not one of those ‘eco warrior’ types, I am not a subscriber to the ‘end of the world because of global warming’ people either. I subscribe to alternate ways of providing energy, more efficient use of energy, ‘off the grid’ projects for housing for the simple reason it makes sense. I have other reasons for thinking the eco way, but not the trendy, or fashionable arguments that make celebrities rush to the local Toyota dealership and buy the latest Prius (the concept is great but they need to get a new car designer).

So it is, to start 2008 with a new category – Eco. The non-conventional extract in the world of alternate power. Someday I might even get round to summing up my ideas on this subject. Maybe.

Via Neatorama, I came across this article that provides an example of how an entire country is trying to kick the dependency on foreign oil and energy supplies…

In 1976 the Danish public got behind an ambitious (and expensive) program to become entirely energy-independent, and, with the development of new, clean energy systems, to get out of the foreign oil business completely.

[…]although Denmark has among the highest taxes in the world, it also has one of the highest standards of living. And polls show that a majority of Danes would pay even higher taxes to remain self-sufficient and live free of fossil-fuel dependence

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