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This could be a few light years away from digital photography, but Pres. Putin had a hand in keeping it alive. I must be honest, I am not sure about this, but the basic principle of “Don’t think, just shoot” added to a non-sophisticated camera, and a million or so enthusiasts (and judging by the website, a photo scanner), Lomography exists and appears to be doing well.

The movements website is slick and to the point, covering the 10 rules of lomgraphy (most of which seem to apply to all photography), with the exception that the cameras come from Soviet times and appear to have been saved from sure demise by, the then Mayor of ST Petersburg, Vladimir Putin. I think I am missing the point, to som extent. It is an interesting style of photography and one which is anti-digital, certainly to some extent. Digital photography doesn’t generally get this raw and “naked”, it is far too precise, and if you don’t like the snap then you delete it. Lomography is almost an arthaus style, unpredictable and somewhat basic. Anyway, judge for yourself

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