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A bad case of self-rightousness

25 Aug 2007

There are, supposedly, a number of internet sites that are increasingly turning to desparate measures to alienate users who decide to visit their websites. They are banning, outright, the use of FireFox. Why? Simply because of a plugin called Adblock plus. What Adblock does is removes adverts from webpages, essentially making the whole web page experience a damn site better. Now this does not seem to happen if you visit, for example, Google. Google Ads are still there regardless of where you are. However, these self-righteous idiots who decide to employ a wholesale ban on the use if FireFox users seem to miss the point.

Stopping people from coming to your website because of the type of browser you use is firstly saying to these users “sod off, we don’t want your type round here” thus bundling everyone together in the same package just because of the type of web browser you use. This is like banning people from entering Sweden because they use a Nokia, which isn’t from Sweden. Secondly it is saying that the advert system they use can’t be bothered changing the method of delivery to circumvent ad-blocking.

The argument appears to be that by blocking adverts you are essentially preventing a flow of revenue. Adverts pay for the website, possibly even make money for the writers. Adverts are, simply, annoying, this is why I dislike watching TV. They have nothing to do with the reading experience of the site. Quite honestly I do not care an ounce about sponsors. My message to the people who block FireFox is simple: I will not visit your site in the future; get out of petty mindset and start thinking around the problem; find alternatives, ask why the advertising agencies are not capable of going round the problem; do not judge everyone by the same characteristics – this is nothing more than what extremists do, judge everyone else as being the same, (so by the same argument this is a self defeating argument, darn!).

If you want to read something more closely resembling an ultra-right-wing manifesto (I like the link about the FireFox “cult”) then read this garbage – “Why FireFox is blocked“, can’t see the adverts on this page either, another badly designed site (or is it good that I can’t. Whatever). This is nothing short of the type of manifesto put out by right-wing-extremists (okay, its not, but it reads like a dogmatic manifesto). The authors really do need to study PR better. I digress yet again.

Personally, anyone who blocks like this will never be visited me, adblocking or no adblocking. There are many comments about this on the web, download squad has a fairly balanced perspective on this. In fact (this is my third update) I was on the TechCrunch site and they do have adverts/sponsors on their site which is rather well designed and not obtrusive. Bottom line is they are still there, its been thought through and works.

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