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Read the sunspots

I love science. It is so wonderfully abstract and hypocritical whilst at the same time trying maintain a veneer of respectability (see also theology). As Charles Fort observed, science argues according to their own beliefs rather than the rules of evidence, inconvenient data being ignored, suppressed, discredited or explained away.

And so it is that the current apocalyptical vision being touted by all is that our world will end because we are heating it up. Science tries to back this up. True (and I accept) that humans are affecting the world they live in and needlessly wasting resources that should have been used more conservatively, even the use of alternative resources for power, fuel, heating, etc should never have been as overlooked before the current "crisis" came along. My take on this is that we still need to think more about conservation and reduction in emissions and moving away from the dependency on fossil fuels, but at the same time it is always worth challenging these currently held beliefs and understandings (not just in science but for everything) especially if they are being used for political and popularist agendas.

The Canadian Journal "Financial Post" is running a series of articles about deniers (scientific heretics), and in this particular article the suggestion is that the bigger climate picture is being ignored, that climate change is and always will be changing. I haven’t yet come across a suitable explanation of why the ice ages started or even finished or even why no one is suggesting another one is on its way again some time soon – again if we really don’t know why or how these things started who is to say there isn’t another one heading our way again. On this very subject, R. Timothy Patterson writes about what he found at the bottom of a fjord in British Columbia and how the evidence his research team has uncovered challenges the popularist idea that we are heating up.

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