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Blair’s totalitarian legacy

14 Jun 2007

When he was elected I thought he was great. Hey millions of other people did too. Now that he’s going what legacy did he leave behind?

Highlights include:

  • 10 years of nothing really happening. I mean to say just what exactly did he do during this time that anyone will remember, or is particularly noteworthy (see below)
  • Iraq. Undeniably the greatest plunder ever. Yes, a dictator was removed but at what cost.
  • Orwellian society. Britain now is the most monitored society in the world, with cameras everywhere; electronic surveillance of credit cards, mobile phones, number plate recognition, etc. Thus making everyone in the UK a suspect
  • Spin and presidential style leadership. No longer are ministers or advisors listened to, the influence comes unelected advisors and media manipulators.

Now, just before he leaves office, he is calling for censorship, the type you’d only consider when mentioning authoritarian regimes. The Telegraph is detailing a speech that Blair made condemning the free media, the internet. Well here we go with my bit of free speech…

Good riddance Blair.

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