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Fireman’s missile launcher

BASF Turbo Löscher


When I first saw this on TV I wondered, at first, why the BASF fire department wanted a missile launcher. Then, on further inspection, why they would want a jet powered fire engine (to get there quicker of course). Then they powered it up and let rip. The machine delivers 8000 litres of water per minute (surely per hour, maybe I translated wrong) using two turbo jets, at a chemical fire. It would be amusing to see the effects on an ordinary house fire, like blowing most of the garden away, or simply demolishing the house.

This is quite a serious machine.

Imagine when a jet takes off from a rainy airport. The spray that is kicked up as the plane takes off is about the same as what you see from this machine. Above each jet exhaust there are two water nozzles which are powerful enough as it is, but combined with jet exhaust provides an extremely powerful force of water, which also happens to be highly directable. The noise must be horrendous.

[Fahrzeugbau Gmbh – in German with loads more photos]

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