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Prague, a city that needs introspection?

Fabulous article written in the Prague Post about the state of tourism in the city. I couldn’t agree more with some of the sentiments…

Prague is billed as a numero uno “Romantic City.” It sets itself up to rank with Venice, Bruges, Carcassone … Paris. But there are several ways in which Prague, compared to others in the romance business, fails.

The very nature of retail business here is defined by its own statement; on food menus, service is prefaced by the menacing words “Our offer.” It indicates a certain unsaid next line: “Take it or leave it.” Prague should offer what people want, and that should be clearly studied. Communism — still alive and well in many attitudes — gave no opportunity to test or respond to customer demand.

[Prague Post]

As I have cited many times before, there is still the a prevailing communist attitude governing the way people think. Yes, this is changing, but in many areas far too slowly, and yes, Prague is more “advanced” compared to many other capitals and cities in Eastern Europe. But taking the attitude of “if you don’t like it, leave” will not sustain a tourism industry or attract people to stay longer. I would really like to see attitudes within the ruling councils and government bodies radically change. This will only come after a few hard lessons and of course time. But of course there is more hope here than a lot of other places.

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