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Where to go now?

19 Apr 2007

Now I have three blogs. This one seems to have spawned two others since I have found specific areas of interest that seem to actually be worth blogging/writing about. Ideally I’d still like my own website and not have everything all over the place. There are pros and cons to this (there is still the debate in my head about whether or not to go with this idea) but until the fund are available for it I will stick in the “free” zone.

However, the question is what to do with this site. The other two sites are taking my attention at the moment and there are less and less reasons for blogging on this one right now. So once again there is the question of what to do and where to go. This is about the 5th general blog I have had and its got to the stage of wondering what on earth to do with it (again). There must be millions of blogs out there with no direction and with readerships of less than a handful, why clog up cyberspace with yet another meaningless ramble. So I guess the point should be that when I have something to write about I should write about it. We’ll see – the debate still rages.

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