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Natural Swimming pools

The one problem we have with building a pool is that we live on the 4th floor of an apartment complex in central Prague. Whilst it would be amusing to try this on the balcony I just can’t see this idea being popular with the neighbours.

privat_02_david.jpg The idea behind natural pools are that they do not use chemicals and are essentially self cleaning. Its like sticking a pond in the garden that you swim in and nature loves.

This is, supposedly,  a European idea that is catching on throughout the world. It must be good since the New York Times has written an article all about them. I would say that as far as pool design goes any thing that moves away from the square hole in the back garden, with blue (or white) tiles trying to make it look like a a tropical beach, is a good thing. At the very least they look naturally part of the surroundings but also there is imagination and creativity involved. Now all we need is a garden.

[BioTop – Austria] [Total Habitat – US][NYTimes article]

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