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Start the day with a head-mess-up, certainly I am confused.

We received a question today. A user wants to access system X. To do so she wants to go via system A. It doesn’t work. To go from system A to system X you go via system B to do user authentication. If she goes via system B it works. If she goes directly to system X it works. But from system A it doesn’t. Logically there is no reason what so ever why this should be so.  Asking said user to go via system B or directly to system X was greeted with the reply that whilst she can go this route she wants to access via system A, like everyone else does. Hmmm.

As a comment to this, there is seemingly no reason why you’d need to go from A to X when you can go to X directly, it just seems to be the normal way that everyone else uses so she needs to also.

It would be like saying I need to fly to London via Los Angeles because everyone else does. You live in New York and everyone else lives in  either LA or San Diego.

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