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Missed this one

Somehow I missed this story…

BRITAIN has come only 37th in a league of the world’s best places to live, behind Panama, Mexico and Argentina.

Its relatively poor standing was blamed on its bad weather, high cost of living, poor transport infrastructure and health service.


As a result, Britain was narrowly beaten even by former eastern bloc states Bulgaria, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, which were judged to have better weather and a lower cost of living. However, the UK scored higher for its economy and social freedoms.

[The Scotsman]

Lower costs of living and better weather. WTF!!! Who compiled this nonsense. The winter right now in CZ is the same as in UK, and the summers are really hot and without aircon. Cost of living! What non-sense, other than beer and bread, most if not all things in CZ and SK are more expensive and you should also take into consideration the relative income per capita. I found buying stuff in UK cheaper, everyday stuff not just luxuries.

Well I found a link to the report, judge for yourself.

[International Living]

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