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We lived in Germany for over two years. It was, not only a fabulous experience, but it opened the eyes of this ex-pat Brit to a country that is still “demonised” by British “humour”, or those who simply can’t move on from part history. Not only did this country seem more like home to us, compared to what the UK ever did and does, but coming back here for the weekend still feels like coming home.

For many Germans, Augsburg seems a bit strange. The Swabish way of doing things is different, they even speak with a different accent and have localised words that a different to the rest of the country. What made this experience even more amazing to us is that people remembered us. The lady in the bank, the man in the kebab shop all the regular places we went to, people remembered us. People seem friendly compared to Prague – this contrasts strongly with how we felt when we lived here, we thought people here were abrasive and sharp. Compared with living in Prague this is the most friendly place on earth. Its not how we originally thought when we came here in 2003. But even once we got used to it the place was different. We liked it, and ended up missing the place.

Would we come back here. I am not sure. The place hasn’t changed much. The odd shop has changed, but not much else. It is familiar, its like an old friend who hasn’t changed over the years. But there are many places similar that would offer us as much and more. So in principle we would come back to a Germanic place like Augburg but not necessarily the same city, but then if things were just right then maybe we would 😉

If you are ever in the neighbourhood then visit

[Augsburg, Germany]

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