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Schools are out

Schools all over Czech Republic seem to be sending their kids to Prague for the weekend. It is some sort of weekend event, but it means that Prague is swarming with kids, especially where there are things to do. This would appear to be a great idea for one reason, it gives the parents a weekend off, something a lot of families will never normally have. It does also mean that a lot of kids get away for the weekend and have a great time – away from the parents. Its actually great to see so many happy faces clearly having a good time. Much better than the pissed up Brits away on a stag weekend.
I asked my wife this question, why do stag weekend still come to Prague. Its not a cheap as it was, say, five years ago. SO why is this? Her reply was cryptic, “the same reason why women in the East still wear pointy shoes”. When asked to explain the explanation was this. Women in the East still think that shoes with narrow points are in fashion, the news hasn’t got there that this style is not fashionable (its debatable whether this style could either be called style of even fashion), and so it is with stag weekend coming to Prague. Those coming here still haven’t got the news that Prague is no longer the place to have a stag weekend (much like Dublin). Erm, yes.

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