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Just not worth it

I try to do the best job I can. Regardless of how I try to keep everyone happy, I get hassle from all sides. To put this into perspective, I am a level 3 in the support structure, level 1 and 2 belong to a different group whom we pay to be at level 1 & 2 (emphasis on we pay them). Today I got the following mail from a level 1 engineer…

The whole support team is getting somewhat fed up with this product. Not trying to blame you, but could you please try to supply answers that actually shut the users up once and for all?

Having to re-open tickets several times is a royal pain in the butt and I really have better things to do than that.

Let put this into perspective. This is someone who gets paid to provide a service to us and to end users. Their job is supposed to be one of resolving problems (we provide as much information as possible to help them) before the problem comes to us, however, in practise all they do is move email around from end users and from us. This job also entails providing help to users, so even if the engineer think they can close an issue the user can still come back and ask further questions. This is the normal part of support. At least after doing this for 6 years I thought it was. Its not the best of jobs, can often be quite exasperating, but still you have to remain professional at all levels.

I too have better things to do than this job, except the things I’d rather be doing probably mean I would not be paid. It an interesting experience, but one that has us worried. If this is what the support engineer is telling us, their business customer, what are they telling the end user.

So what would you do?

  1. Send the mail to your manager
  2. Send the mail to your manager plus anyone else you can think of
  3. Send the mail to the engineer’s manager
  4. Send the mail to the team lead
  5. Reply back saying up yours, cc: everyone you can think of

Well I chose option 4. It all comes down to a. Am I a jerk (I don’t think so); b. I understand the situation/background of why he sent this out; c. I understand the consequences of 1,2,3,5 above – all hell would have broken loose and the situation would have been made much worse.

After having a chat with the team lead, I found out that he had spoken with the engineer and put an end to the matter. The realisation from his side is that I could have been a jerk and made this go very bad. I left work today feeling very good, and why? I refer the reader to this website’s motto, and its all to do with the ethic of reciprocity

“Do naught unto others which would cause you pain if done to you”

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