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Apple Convert

I am very much a late starter with the whole Apple thing. I purposely bought an iRiver MP3 player simply because I was not convinced about the iPod thing (this was about 3 years ago),and have been reluctant to buy into the whole Apple thing. This has now changed. I have a 2nd generation iPod shuffle. I love it.

Right from the start you know they have it right. The box has been designed with an eye for detail and presentation. The device itself feels good. The rest of the packaging is designed to wow those who care, right from the vacuum sealed earbud covers, to the usb clip that keeps the usb cable together. I spent at least 20 minutes just looking at the way the packing was deigned  before even hooking up the device.

The device itself is just an engineering delight. It has been designed with perfection in mind. It is not perfect but you just know they set out to design something different, something almost perfect. It feels solid, it is a delight to hold. Hook everything up and it is simply a delight to enjoy the engineering thought that went into the device. Without ever using it I would be happy to own one. The simple way it uses the headphone socket to get power and interface with the computer. This has been truely thought out.

I can now use iTunes the way it is meant to be used. This might sound insane, but Windows Media player is designed to be used with a music device but most people will use it as a media player. I am glad I waited this long before buying into the whole Apple thing, the iPod shuffle ver 1.0 was not something that has the wow factor, the ver 2.0 does. Iw ould rate this device highly just from the design and delivery aspects. This being my first iPod I am suprised by the quality of Apple’s AAC (I rip at 320 kbps). Playing music is simple and to the point. It does what it says on the box, and does it very well, just as long as you do not use the iPod’s headphones, which, thanks to dozens of reviews, I have not ever removed from their packaging. This is one area were my Sony ear buds truely rock.

Am I a full Apple convert? Maybe. If all things Apple are this good then I can see my next laptop being an Apple, my next big music player being Apple, maybe even my next cell phone. The iPod shuffle is the simplest device, yet they have put a lot of thought into it, and it is an excellent device.

[iPod Shuffle]

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