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The end of yet another batch of old world dictators. The year has seen the death of Pinochet and Saddam, both backed by the US governments at some point in their rise and reign and subsequent subjugation of their people. And so it is that Saddam was executed for crimes he was convicted for. Our respective propaganda (read “Media agencies”) will go into full swing and convince us that justice was served and not leave it up to us to decide whether it was or not. Probably it was fair, a violent death caught up with what was once a brutal dictator, he was tried and convicted for ordering the killings of 148 Kurds in the early 80s, but many other crimes directed by him and his regime will go unaccounted for, this one act of “justice” will serve for all those other crimes.

However, who will be held accountable for the hundreds of thousands of civilians killed in Iraq since the US/UK forces invaded; who will be held accountable for the subsequent “civil war”; who will be held accountable for the new training grounds that terrorist fighters now have; who will be held accountable for the mess that is in Iraq. Not Bush and Blair that’s for sure, they will always try to hide behind myths and the fog about bringing to an end Saddam’s dictatorship. They wanted this war, they created the lies to justify the invasion. They will not feel the noose around their necks for their crimes, they will get their retirement funds and go off fishing somewhere, grow old and be footnotes in the history books. No real justice served, only selective punishments.

[BBC News]

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