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I am a 1-in-10

According to the BBC, I am a one-in-ten. That is to say, I am one of the 5.5 millions Brits who have opted to live abroad. Today marks the sixth anniversary of me leaving the UK for “foreign” shores, seeking out that greener grass. I can, with confidence, state that the grass is greener. Now the UK seems like a foreign shore for me, this is mainly because I spend very little time in the UK even on visits – in the last 6 years I have probably spent around 3, maybe 4 weeks in total, including the odd day trip on business.

On the whole, living outside the native country is no different than living inside it. Home is wherever you make it. There will always be cultural differences, there might even be language issues. But it is still a case of home is where you make it, and its what you get used to. At the moment its Prague, who knows where else in the world we will, but its all a variation on a theme. Living abroad is relatively straightforward, especially within Europe – if you are an EU citizen. Then again look at the numbers of people living in the UK who are from other countries who now choose the UK as their home, it no different.

But what I do find it that expat-Brits become very British the longer they live away from the country and get less and less affected by daya to day life and society influences. With the help of the interweb it is easier to keep a track of events, but then it is as easy to become familiar with events anywhere. Whatever the feelings about being away from “home” it is always easy to find new homes and leave the old one behind. There is always a reason for moving away from the nation of birth, your home, and soon the new place you live becomes as much of a home as the original one. My saying is this, home is where you pay your taxes. Here’s to the next six years.

[BBC News – lots of expats]

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