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The Kitchen

Its been over two months since we ordered our kitchen. It was to be built in Germany and would take around two months to be delivered. After that, we were told, it would take at least two or three weeks for the company to find contractors who would have the time to install it. So, to start with, we have had no kitchen for over two months and it was getting quite tiresome.

Fist job, however, was to have the electric points moved. The builders of the apartment had created their own standard positions of sockets and set these throughout the building. However, this standard was incompatible with everyone else’s standards of where electrical points should be in relation to the work surface. So these had to be moved. And so they were. Except the ob wasn’t finished off and the company that came to do it had their own ideas of what else they were going to do, like finish the installation after the kitchen was finished and not finish the wall off smoothly, and not connect actually put sockets in the walls. We soon put a stop to that and asked them for the agreed invoice. Not a penny more, not a penny less. But looking at the bright side, I now know how to fill in a wall that has had massive grooves cut into it for cables, and also how to wire up sockets. In fact, I probably could have done the job myself, and I’m not the greatest at DIY.

So came the day that the kitchen arrived. Hurray, we can finally cook our own food, as opposed to relying on the pub opposite, and beans on toast. Except the oven wasn’t delivered. Neither was the cooking hob and extractor fan. Never mind, the kitchen looks good. The guys who came to install it, to be fair, have done a very good job and are at least a beacon of hope that not everyone who works for the building trade in Czech republic is a complete cowboy. In fact they give a very good image and did a perfect job.  So came to the point of finishing off. What about attaching the sink drainage pipe. Erm, no. The outlet pipe in the wall is also non-standard, in fact it was never finished off correctly and we need to get a plumber in to do it. SO its back to doing washing up in the shower until we can find one.

We did get a temporary oven after the (Slovak) delivery bloke mentioned to the company the fact that it was coming up to Christmas and what would we do until Janurary without any means to cook. Except there are no instuctions for installation, it doesn’t actually fit, and is nothing ike what we ordered. Customer service is great isn’t it, just a pity that no one for the kitchen company knows what customer service is, or knows how to order a kitched so that everything arrives at the same time, given they have had almost 3 months to get things organised. The parts of the kitchen that have had nothing to do with this country are perfect. It was actually built in Germany and fits perfectly, is very well constructed and will probably last longer that the building itself.

The moral of the story is, that despite how low you set expectations there are people who will always fall well below the level you set, so expect nothing, especially if living in Czech Republic.

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