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Britain…’tis a silly place

I had my reasons for leaving the UK, one of which was a desire to see the world and open my mind to what it had to offer. I believe it has, in many ways, and in many ways I never thought it would. But like many people I do think about returning back to the UK, it can’t be all that bad, certainly not as bad as I recall…or can it.

Seemingly so.

Many “new” ex-pats I meet tell me how bad things are getting, specifically with regards to politics, the fear being instilled into the population, the xenophobia (getting worse), crime, obesity, and lastly political correctness. So much for the “all inclusive”, tolerant society it is meant to be. It would appear that the majority of people are being overlooked for the sake of minorities who, on the whole, are not aware that they would be offended. No, its liberal do-gooders who create problems in their own minds and state they are protecting the minorities against being offended.

For example…

A new survey found most bosses are scared to put up festive tinsel and Christmas trees because they might offend non-Christian workers.

Recently, workplace dispute reconciliation advisors ACAS attracted criticism for warning bosses they had to be politically correct at office parties. A set of guidelines issued by the service warned against running raffles at end-of-year shindigs, because they might offend Muslims, and against playing too much modern music, because it might offend older members of staff.

[Sky News]

Did anyone bother to find out if these things do actually offend so much as to cause real problems in society, maybe I missed the street protests against raffles, or the penioners riots againt modern music.  I am not Christian, Muslim, Hindu, or whatever, and I am certainly not offended about everyone celebrating their festive occasions, its good to see people celebrating something, join in! Live and let live, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”.

But also the notion of “freedom of choice” allows me not to do things that I might find offensive, don’t agree with or don’t like doing. No one forces me to eat meat, buy raffles tickets, drink alcohol, and so on. I choose to or not to. So if you get offended by these things you do not take part or consume, but let everyone else get on with it. Another example…

A council leader claims a controversial name for a £500m redevelopment in Bristol is to be changed. Some groups had complained the name, Merchants’ Quarter, was offensive because it glorified the city’s historic slave trading past. But Bristol Alliance – behind the project – said merchants had played a crucial role in the story of the city.

[BBC News]

So we are to derive from this that all merchants are, or were, slave traders, this is what the councillor is implying. Calling the place “A Celebration of our slave trading past shopping center” would have truely offended.

You can’t even do your own thing in the back garden…

A nurse has been cleared by a court of indecent exposure after walking naked outside a neighbour’s house.

The prosecution at Cardigan Magistrates Court said Ms Burgess’s nude sunbathing was “not normal” behaviour.

Father-of-three Mr Jones said: “I have been extremely shaken by this. It has been very upsetting and worrying. I don’t want to bring up my children in such an environment.”

Prosecutor Maggie Hughes said sunbathing nude “could be grossly offensive to normal decent persons in society”.

[BBC News]

I’d advise this bloke not to go to Germany then, people sunbathe naked in public parks (specially designated areas, but still public areas). Can’t say I was offended or even bothered by it, in fact I found the whole idea quite liberating. Why shouldn’t people be allowed to do what they want, within reason, in a free society. Certainly not in Wales and in not your back garden.

So again I have to ask the question, do I want to raise children, and live, in such a society that has thrown reason and sense out of the window. What will they do next, ban the sale of meat in case it offends vegetarians! Ban certain colours because they offend. Instead of actually doing something to improve the lives of everyone they will decide to curtail freedoms until you can’t do anything. Freedoms bring with them a price, it seems that the UK is no longer willing to pay that price.

I want my children to live in a tolerant society which respects and accepts that everyone has their ways of doing things; the freedom of expression; freedom of choice; freedom to be different; freedom from absurdity and pettiness.

Once again, Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Respect and Tolerance.

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