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It started off as a cold. Then it turned to flu. Then it turned to Gastric Flu.

To all those people out there who told me that I should be eating vitamin-C, sod off! I have a very healthy diet, have no vices that would deplete my immune system, eat veg & fruit (my wife tells me not enough, but I do eat healthily), and also supplement my diet with vitamins. Getting ill happens, and I was away from work for 5 days. This mainly had to do with the fact that I was 800 km away from home when I got the gastric flu part.

This led me to rethink human design. If there were slightly fewer nerve endings in the nether region then life would not be so painful at times. It is amazing what one thinks of when on the toilet. How philosophical one becomes. How concentrated ones thoughts are.

But anyway, thanks to a course of antibiotics (reluctantly taken, but thats another story) I am now pleasend to inform the World that I am well again. The World looks on and carries on with it was doing 🙂

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