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Big Brother

Following on the from the last post, do we also want to be part of the most watched society in the world. Dictatorships and authoritarian regimes can only drool over what the UK has in place…

Big Brother Britain 2006: ‘We are waking up to a surveillance society all around us’

Britain has sleepwalked into becoming a surveillance society that increasingly intrudes into our private lives and impacts on everyday activities, the head of the information watchdog warns.

Future developments could include microchip implants to identify and track individuals; facial recognition cameras fitted into lampposts; and unmanned surveillance aircraft, predict the report’s authors

[Source – The Independent]

And the most amazing thing is that the population of the UK still thinks this is all about preventing crime and terror. You, the ordinary person in the street, you are being watched, monitored. You have no privacy. What are you guilty of. The chances are that this entry will be monitiored because of this posting and linking to news story. (If it is then for those assigned to read then my sympathies to you)

What amazes me is that with all this surveillance in place, the people in the UK are still against national ID cards. Arguably there is no need for them since the authorities will already know who you are anyway. What more erosion of civil liberties can take place with the introduction ofthe ID card scheme!

I have had an ID card in every country I’ve lived in and do not feel my civil liberties have been infringed upon, I do afterall have a passport so I am on a system. Even in Singapore they knew EVERYTHING about me, why I was there, what I was doing. But the intrusion into my privacy still had limits, even in Singapore there was no feeling of being watched all the time, whatever you did. So why does the UK need this? Why do the people feel that they will surrender privacy with an ID card when they already have no privacy. The balance is incorrect and it is making a “suspect” out of everyone, the authorities are simply letting the people know that they do not trust them. For such a “free” society the whole thing is just unfathomable.

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