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Trust me

18 Oct 2006

protect.jpg I am so not going to get into the whole debate about what is right and wrong for America. For a start I am not American, and this, by default, means I didn’t vote for Pres. Bush (which I am very happy about).

No, my whole point of pasting a photo of Pres. Bush on this page is simple, trust. I used to go to college with a guy who had exactly the same smile and facial expression as Mr Bush. There isn’t a single time I do not think of this guy every time I see Bush’s mug shot, doing something, somewhere, wherever. Now, I learnt the hard way that this guy could not be trusted. In some ways he was quite likable, but even this was eroded by anything and everything he did. There was no trusting him. Every time he was up to no good, or saying a 32 carat lie, there was that smile, just like the one pictured above.

Its that smile, I just don’t trust him, it look too much like the guy at college. Nothing personal or anything, I don’t know the bloke. Its just a feeling.

With regards to this specific context of what Pres. Bush was doing, I do not believe what his administration has done is right, the sign of a civilised society is one in which you extend respect and humanity to all, even those whom you would call your enemy.

More more eloquent critiques on the politics read SFGate.

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