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Don’t run

Top 10 reasons why you should not run to catch the departing public transport. (This is based on my observations whilst on the commute):

  1. Most people are totally unfit. Running to catch the Metro, down a flight of stairs or escalator will be too much of a shock to the heart.
  2. There will be another Metro/Train/Bus/Tram in about 5 or so minutes.
  3. Its not the end of the world if you miss it. Put the whole thing into context, if it was the last ever bus out of a war zone then you could understand it. We are talking commute here.
  4. It makes you look like an idiot as the metro pulls away and there you are looking totally insulted/infuriated that the driver didn’t see you and stop. This usually happens at the end of the Metro anyway and the driver is a few 100 meters away and facing the opposite direction.
  5. It makes you look totally unfit. Relating to point 1, people will either catch the metro (or even bus/tram) and collapse (not literally) when they get on board or will collapse (again not literally) if they miss it. Either way, unfit people should think of health and heart and not exert themselves more than they would whilst changing TV channels.
  6. Little old ladies should especially not run to catch the departing metro/bus/tram. In addition to being unfit, they are usually over weight and carrying the dog + shopping. They really look like they will collapse (and I mean literally).
  7. If you miss it so what! Ask yourself the question, what will happen if I miss this metro? Unless you have seen “Sliding Doors” this thought will probably not even cross your mind. And think, if you do miss it there will be another one along shortly (point 2), and you might meet Gwyneth Paltrow.
  8. Singapore (for example) has a public awareness campaign that you should not run for the departing metro because it is dangerous. Singapore has, mostly, doors on the platform so if you did fall you’d whack your head on the doors and not on the rails. Needless to say most other countries do not have such safety devices. (Actually it would seem more likely to do with the air conditioning on stations, but safety is an added selling point).
  9. The bus stop is 100+ meters away. The bus doors almost about to leave. Unless you can run that distance in less than 10seconds there really isn’t any point. Especially if you are old, carrying the dog and shopping, with a dodgy leg – I have seen people trying this.
  10. OK, so you have run that 100 meters in 10 seconds, down the escalator, almost killing infants and small animals on the way, a chorus of curses echos behind you, but your head is down, the metro doors are open, you are almost there. You have gone to all this trouble and it really would not be worth hanging around waiting for the lynch mob to catch up with you and exact revenge for the chaos you have just caused, just so you can get on this, particular metro. But to your horror the doors close, you can stop them from closing if you wedge something in that gap, the first things that comes to hand is the umbrella, still dripping from the heavy rain outside. The doors carry on closing. The umbrella disappears into the distance.

This last point I exaggerated a bit, there was no lynch mob. But as the umrella disappeared along with the traing I did wonder what would happen when it entered the narrow confines of the tunnel. I can just see the sparks now.

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