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Hard Drive, R.I.P.

For those of you who know nothing, or care less, about problems with computers I suggest you skip to the last paragraph.

Since I built my PC over two years ago I have successfully managed to kill of three hard drives. Fabulous. Its not like they are drop tested, or immersed in water, or anything extreme like this, they are kept in good conditions, with enough power to keep them humming and happy, plenty of data fills those little magnetic regions, in fact they should be happy drives. They aren’t.
The first one that died was covered by warranty, so naturally it went back. I had to buy a new one because it would take four weeks to fix. So I bought a SATA drive. Wow, it rocked. Now I use the past tense because shortly after we moved back to Europe it too died. In fact so much so that the computer wouldn’t even recognise the fact that it was installed. What is more the warranty was only for Singapore (and the region). A bit far to go to simply get a hard drive fixed. So I had to go retro, back to the old, slower, newly fixed hard drive.

Now, six months later, it too has died. What was I doing this time? Routine defragging. It took over three hours to do 50% of a 120GB drive. Something was not quite right. I paused it and everything seemed ok. OK, the machine was still working. Restarted the machine and…nothing.

Moral of the story is this, buy a hard drive (or anything else for that matter) that comes with a WorldWide, two year, unlimted warranty; back EVERYTHING up (I do because of the first incident); ok so there are two morals to this story.

Whilst I accept that this story will have a narrow readership, for those who skipped to the end, the moral of the story is backup.

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