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The room smells of cow dung

View from the windowThe rodeo is in town. Except this is Prague and the arena is in the center (almost). So where do you store your stars before the show? In the waste ground behind our apartment. The funny thing is that most of those taking part in the show are Czech (with a few Slovaks and Polish thrown in), everyone is dressed in authentic cowboy gear, listening to (from what I can tell) Czech-Country&Western music. Strange. But even given the fact there is a bit of a distance between us and the cow pen, the smell of livestock fills the air. Marvelous.

Anyone who is wondering, I reckon the livestock are being looked after better than the people who are with them. They get very fresh water, bales of hay, and the horses are in, what can only be described as, portable  stables. All very good, and the owners at least have got the priorities right, look after the stars and they will look after you…until you get a bull horn up the arse 🙂

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