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Change of career

I have been various sides of software development ever since University, even before then. In total this is about 10+ years of experience. It therefore came as quite a suprise that I received an eMail from Monster (Singapore) for something they said (jn the eMail) that I was perfect for. It is a suprise that I should receive such a mail for two reasons. Firstly, I left Singapore over a year ago and no longer have a Monster-Singapore account setup. Secondly because of the job I am supposed to be ideal for, as follows…

Reservoir Engineer (x8 Positions) (NG)
Position Type: Full Time, Employee
Job Search Category: Energy & Natural Resource

We’ll also be looking for experience in the following:

  • Designing and implementing well tests
  • Constructing reservoir surveillance plans
  • Monitoring and managing reservoirs
  • Performing reservoir analysis
  • Constructing reservoir simulation models

A resevoir, to me, is a big hole with water in it with a dam at one end to stop the water flowing out. Needless to say there is a whole lot more to resevoirs than this, so if I was involved in such projects it would be more like a natural disaster than a water management project. My ignorance/knowledge of Nigeria extends to eMail/Internet scamming, football, various degrees of corrupt governance and one or two civil conflicts. Interesting career change (?).

Funny old world innit (FOWI).

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