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The coffee machine

There is a portable coffee machine, it makes drinkable coffee, it uses beans and grinds them, its fresh, and makes a noise. A great deal of noise. We shared it with another team that is located on our floor. Its a popular machine because it makes good, drinkable coffee made from freshly ground coffee beans. But it makes a great deal of noise.

Its home was originally in our office space. The noise was greatly annoying. So, as any free-minded people would do, we used our initiative and moved it to a common area near the sofas in an area between teams. Now at this point I would like the reader to note that for anything to happen in this company it needs approval, you just can’t do something without approval. So we did. We asked and got approval. And moved it.
A few months later, the coffee machine happily sits in the common area, grinding away, making coffee.

Until last Thursday.
The noise is annoying the other team so they wanted it moved. Back to our area. We said no. So the coffee machine was switched off. It now sits there quiet, not making any coffee, and people are quite annoyed about this whole thing. Not least the fact that it was moved without written authorisation, and the company that maintains it should have been the ones who moved it anyway. This, of course, has not been a problem for the past few months, but obviously it annoyed some senior manager at the wrong time and now they want something done about it. Inquests have been held about how it was moved in the first place, and by whom, and who gave authorisation, and where is the proof, and why did we even want to move it…

I could go on. But maybe someone reading this will realise how much of a headache this pettiness is. Someone, somewhere is losing sleep over a coffee machine, its location, and are indignant that it was moved anyway. It does not pay to think here.

As always there are hidden aspects to this story. Firstly, it would appear that there are problems being blamed on the noise the machine is making. This is, of course, a smoke screen given that:

  1. the machine has been there for some time
  2. there have been no problems until recently
  3. there is far too much politics in the office, so something inanimate needs to be blamed

Then the coffee machine has been moved about 2 meters to the left of its current location – officially, by the company that looks after it (I am looking for the “officially moved” stickers) – and so it still churns out the same noise and reasonably ok coffee. So the ridiculousness of all this is that even though there has been a great drama created by said machine, the result is that it was moved all of two meters. That’s it. Nothing more.

Its sunny outside.

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