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Beurocracy for the sake of beurocracy

Without going into too much detail, I have requested something from a team at work. This is a necessary and routine request, there have been at least 4 other instances of this before. So I provide the right and complete information necessary to complete the request. Normal. Simple. To the point.

This time I get a long, 10 page form back that needs completing. This form covers around 4 possible scenarios, is complicated, and simply not necessary. The information I submitted in the first place (all of 3 lines) is exactly the same as the information I completed in the form, with the exception of having to also add my name and all kinds of other details that appear automatically when I submitted my original request.

So what has this actually achieved. Well for the company i`t is the completion of yet another form, someone, somewhere is happy that they have another document containing information, I am unquestioningly following the procedure. I was going to ask was there any benefit from duplicating this information within a 10 page document, 9 pages of which were not applicable and certainly not necessary. It makes me shudder to think that someone could print this off in order to complete the work, more needlessly wasted pieces of paper. But I completed the procedure.

Of course no one has even thought to change the system and make it more self service, thus removing the necessity for about 3 people to handle the request, another 2 to approve the request, maybe involve a conference call with 3 others, then have 1 person complete the task. The argument would be that if this procedure did not exist then 9 people would not have anything to do, I would have done all this and got the job done in as much time as it took me to figure out what the form was even trying to acomplish. In practical terms, it will only be me using the system anyway, so is it really necessary to involve so many people, fill in forms to do this for me to be able to do something that only I will be doing.

Beurocracy for the sake of beurocracy. Free thinkers are illegal here. You must belong to the machine. Follow the procedures.

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