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Its the end of the World…

…as we know it. The problem is that there are so many stories about the change in environment, but mostly this is unco-ordinated and tends to leave people at a loss to know what to believe. Yes there is clear evidence of climate change, but why aren’t politicians acting to do something, really something about it. I accept this implies that politicians are capable of doing something, anything, for their people. I digress.

The melting of the sea ice in the Arctic, the clearest sign so far of global warming, has taken a sudden and enormous leap forward, in one of the most ominous developments yet in the onset of climate change

The changes are alarming scientists and environmentalists, because they far exceed the rate at which supercomputer models of climate change predict the Arctic ice will melt under the influence of global warming – which is rapid enough.

If climate change is not checked, the Arctic ice will all be gone by 2070, and people will be able to sail to the North Pole. But if these new rates of melting are maintained, the Arctic ice will all be gone decades before that.

“We must stop thinking that this is just another environmental problem, to be dealt with when time and resources allow, and realise that this is an increasingly urgent threat to our security and prosperity.”

The Independent

And this is the problem. It is something that needs to be dealt with now, by the world community as a collective, without exception. But Pres. Bush and his followers still insist there is no evidence. There was plenty of “evidence” found to invade Iraq, but all this “evidence” proved to be fabricated to justify an invasion of a soverign country. So now we have REAL evidence from US sources – NASA – then will this mean something will be done now. No. Politicians are inept, incompetent and incapable of doing nothing more than looking after themselves. Most of those in power today will be long dead before the affects of this climate change are being experineced, what do they care.

And then people wonder why I, like so many others in Europe and the rest of the world, are so apathetic and cynicle towards politics. Useless bastards.

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