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Professionally degraded

Today I have copied text from a Word document into a Customer Services/Issue tracking system. When I say I copied the text I mean:

  • Open Word document (this is a document I had to create based on the content of another document, again using the copy and paste “system”
  • Open Customer Services system
  • Create a new “knowledge document” – this is something support agents use for reference
  • Copy text from Word into knowledge document
  • Save and Close

This is the professional version of being intellectually and professionally degraded*

*The context here is that I am a graduate (around 5 years of study), with over 10 years of work experience of developing desktop applications, a technical specialist and consultant. I have lived, quite literally, all over the world (almost). The company I currently work for deems it necessary to hire people like me, with graduate and professional backgrounds, and perform this kind of work.

And yes, before anyone mentions the obvious, had we been told, in the first place, that this was the type of work we would be doing then we would only have ourselves to blame, it would have been our choice.

Obviously we were not 😦

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