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Losing perspective

Its all too easy to lose perspective when everything around you provides too much “noise”. Its pointless to mention how bad work is, the exodus would be quicker if there were any alternatives in Prague that would be worth going to – the simple point here is that regardless how crap the actual work is, other companies here are no better and pay worse, when your only motivation is paying bills it would be doing something nasty to yourself if you left to go somewhere else just for the sake of going somewhere else and it paid less.

From one shit pile to the next, is it worth it?

So this is it. Its another Monday and the happy, smiling people of the office as just as happy and shining and they normally are (irony does lose its impact in text). No one is motivated to be here, other than the need to pay bills and live in the here and now. These are the right conditions for losing perspective. We all have dreams, we have have good ideas what we would prefer to be doing, it makes the pointlessness have some sort of dimension. As the age old wisdom suggests, don’t dream or wish your life away. Unless you get to the root cause of your pains then the pains remain, you might be able to relieve it for a brief moment, but the cause and effect still remain.

And so it is that I am losing perspective every now and then. The office is just boring to the point of extreme tedium and I dream my life away. It gets me no where other than the depths of frustration. Yes, it is a pointless waste of my abilities, but it is paying the bills, and right now that is the priority. Things will change, but that is for a different time, right now I am here.

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