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Rain, and feeling happy

Its all too easy to lose sight of where you are and what you are doing. Finding a balance is important, but then life has this way of skewing the perspective to reflect a specific view and you lose sight of the whole picture. Whilst I reckon that, on the whole, my view of my life is getting more rounded, there are always lessons to learn, perspectives to view, aspects to focus on. This way – in creating a balance – life gets simpler and more enjoyable.

Take, for example, the ability to complain, to whinge or whine about things. Its easy to do because everyone does it. It is much harder for people to look at things and find something positive. This is why, even on bad days, its important to look for positives in everything. Today is a cold, damp, rainy day. These kind of days make everyone feel low, lose energy, feel depressed. But still, days like this make us appreciate days that are sunny, fresh, light, warm. Rain is also necessary for life around us, the trees, plants and the whole of nature needs rain. This way on those hot, sunny days the grass looks green and fresh. But its far too easy to look at the day as it is and feel sad.

The point is this. Even on the worst of days it is important to maintain a balance and to find something good, something to be happy about. And for most, it is also the hardest thing to do. It takes practice and a concerted effort to be positive even when it rains.

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