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My Flickr Experience

When I posted the Hippo photo a few days back, little did I know what experience I would have with it. Whilst I accept its a good photo (I would not consider it one of my best or favourites) it is appealing and has something about it. The difference this time, for me, is that I decided to add it to two group pools. This would/should increase the exposure of the photo and maybe a few people will view it.

I was taken aback when almost immediately someone posted a positive comment. Yesterday a few more people posted more comments and invited me to post it on specific group pools, some by invite only! Today when I checked, the number of views had gone from 50 to 250 with 16 great comments. This is a very good ego boost if nothing else. But it has given me a taste of the power social websites have. I posted a photo, shared it out, and loads of people are enjoying it. Yes there are many many others like this out there, but for me this is a great experience and one that may influence whether or not I subscribe to Flickr, hand over my 25 USD and share more photos – especially if I know people might enjoy them as much as I do.

I could write more about the feeling the “social websites” give to those who use them, but I won’t. I will simply say how amazed I am that people think my photo(s) are good and are willing to comment on them. It gives a good feeling 🙂

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